How to take alli and Proactol?

by on October 23, 2011

Those who are taking alli for the first time, it must be noted that alli is to be taken three times in the entire day, that is when one takes the meals. The meals must be balanced and low fat with limited amount of calories. The alli capsules should be taken with a whole glass of water and make sure that the capsule is taken before or after one hour of the meal or during the meal.

In case, you have to skip your meal or the meal that you are taking does not have any fat content then alli must not be taken. This capsule is of no use in this case. The number of capsules in a day must not exceed 3.

Before going to bed a tablet for multivitamins must not be missed. These vitamins ought to a combination of A, D, E and vitamin K. there are some vitamins that are fat soluble and when the undigested fat is thrown out of the body, these vitamins too get pushed out. As a result the required level of these vital elements goes down. Therefore, it is a must to take these supplements so that the adequate amount of vitamins is received by the body.

How to get use to the new lifestyle?

There are a few changes that are required and are a must to be made if you wish to succeed with the alli program.

There are thousands of people who have adopted these changes and have succeeded. These are –
The diet should be low fat and the amount of calorie should be less.
The meals should be planned ones
Cravings and the hindrances should be managed
The alli program should be adopted as a guide

It is not much difficult to achieve the set goals with alli. One just needs to practice some habits. Another important thing is to one must follow a diet is low in fat and one must make a routine that is physically active. This is the key if you want to get healthier. Most of things ones adopted get in the routine and then one gets comfortable with them. Similar is with this program.

One must be committed to the low fat, calorie reduced diet

Why reducing the calories is a must?

The energy that is required by the body is what decides the amount the calories that one must take in. the excess amount of calories that are taken by one gets stored in the body in the form of fat.

The amount of calories that one must takes varies with the height, weight and the work done by the individual and also on the basis of sex. The chart can be checked to find out the calories target.

One must check the level of activities before setting targets. The amount of calories intake increase with the amount of activity one does. The activity that can fit in the routine must be chosen.
Low activity – includes walking or gardening or walking up the stairs

Moderate activity: To burn about 150 calories. Include walking for 3 kms. Or 40 minutes for gardening or running 2 kms. in 15 mins or less. Key is to keep the fat content low.

Alli does not say that you need to stop taking in fat completely. It says that if you take fats in right amount then vitamins are absorbed and others functions can be done well.

Those who are on the alli program must set the target for the amount of fat to be taken in every meal. Only the amount of fat is to be focused not whether it is saturated or not.

If the weight is reduced then all the effects that are related to the diet treatment can be managed. One can stick to the targets for fats and at the same time manage the effects.

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