Managing Cravings while taking proactol

by on October 17, 2011

For most of those who are dieting cravings are something that can be the main reason for downfall.

If you do want to prevent it then you must know that when your body is hungry and if your body is craving for anything. When one is hungry then a signal is send by the stomach that it is empty and that its been long that you have not eaten anything. On the other hand when it is craving then it does not mean that you are hungry. Craving is only a condition when one has the urge to eat something that he/she likes a lot. The cravings can be the result of stress or when there is change in the emotional set up or when you get a lovely smell of food and then there are stimuli to eat that.

This is never true that one does not crave for anything but anyone can control it and anyone can control the damage that can be caused by them.

How to beat the cravings:

1. Most of the time the body is thirsty and we take it to be hungry, therefore, it is best to drink a glass of water or two.

2. If you are craving for chocolate then it is better to drink a low calorie drink with the same flavor or skimmed milk with topping of cinnamon.

3. When one is at home then one must try to keep himself/herself busy so that there is no chance that one gets cravings. For this you can talk to friends or walk around or dance. Do not go around the kitchen or the fridge.

The hindrances

Everyone and anyone can experience cravings but the only thing is that everyone has a different name for it. The main thing here is how to take control of it. It may be so that you must have been eating the wrong food and that too much of it. Now, do not just stop it as this can lead to problems. Just think why it happened and try to avoid them, like you are correcting a mistake.

Once you have controlled yourself, the next meal must be tasty, the way you like but with fewer calories.

The next thing you can do boost yourself to buy yourself some dresses that are smaller in size for the coming time. The dresses must be the ones that you like.

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